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Our Customers Say:
"Hi Heather! I received my horse art today and it is absolutely incredible! I am thrilled that I found your equine art site. I can't wait to see what you do with the two dog portraits I ordered. Thank you SO much!"
Jen Baldwin, Arizona
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Rohde Fine Art Reproductions: Info and Care
Rohde equine art and nature art is actively collected worldwide.

No matter what your budget, Rohde offers something for everyone with her ever-expanding collection of fine art reproductions. They are affordable and beautifully produced works of art.

The next best thing to owning an original

Artist Heather Rohde believes in making her artwork affordable to everyone. To this end, she has fine art reproductions done of many of her original paintings. Rohde has experimented with many service providers and materials to achieve the best possible results. She monitors the entire manufacturing process herself. This way, she ensures that each art reproduction captures all the detail and color of her art, making it the next best thing to owning the original.

The different types of Rohde fine art reproductions
Rohde offers several types of fine art reproductions, all of which are done professionally and to the absolute highest quality standard. Open Editions (OE) are fine art reproductions of no particular edition number. They are offered for a certain period of time after which they are retired. Limited Editions (LE) are restricted to a specific number of pieces. Each Limited Edition is individually hand signed and numbered and comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity. The number of reproductions in each edition varies. Artist's Proofs (AP) are part of each Limited Edition run. These special pieces are extremely few in number. They are the first prints off the press of a particular painting.

Add-ons and special editions
Rohde will add a Remarque or personalization to any art reproduction for a nominal fee. Remarques are tiny works of art that Rohde draws by hand in the margin of a print which can increase the value of the piece. Rohde also occasionally offers special hand embellished fine art reproductions that she calls Artist Editions (AE). These coveted and rare works of art are fine art reproductions that have been accented throughout with real paint by the artist herself.

Framing Rohde fine art reproductions
You should mat and frame Rohde fine art reproductions behind glass unless they are the canvas giclée type, which only needs an open frame. Use UV glass and acid-free mats. Check out Rohde's Art Display Tips!

Add a Rohde fine art reproduction to your home today! is your most comprehensive source for authentic signed and certified Limited Editions and Remarqued prints by Heather Rohde. Much of what you'll find here is exclusive to this site and available nowhere else. You'll get remarkable prices not normally found on artwork of this quality. The art reproductions you will receive are much sharper and more detailed than the images shown. New art releases are added as they become available and others will be removed as they are sold out. Serious collectors are advised to check back frequently.

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